Mind Reader’s Guide To Selling

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“Close rate just above 40% (highest on team). This just about doubled my paycheck. The coaching has helped shift my perspective a ton. Appreciate it and have a great weekend!”

~recent student

Close Any Sale

Learn everything you need to close high stake business opportunities. Focused on B2B sales, but it also gives solopreneurs the superpower of working with corporate clients.

There are over 5 hours of material that can instantly level up your business.

A top-3 digital marketing agency hired Jonathan to completely re-architect their sales process. This is the exact system he put in place & it resulted in millions of dollars above the usual revenue of the marketing agency.

They were able to do this with a smaller sales team that closed more deals at a higher AOV with longer client retention & shorter sales cycles.

Now you can learn the same system and apply it in your own business (even if you’re a solopreneur). One student reported that he was able to double his rates overnight, and has continued to increase his pricing ever since. The only difference?

He used what we teach here.

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