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These courses share decades of experience to help you improve your memory, become more persuasive, recognize the mental roadblocks that are holding you back, and know how to deal with them.

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the Founder

Hi there, that’s me Jonathan Pritchard.

(The one in the blue suit.)

My career started as a world-touring Mentalist before expanding into the world of corporate executive consulting, sales team training, trade show consulting, and other avenues of helping people out.

I’m also an author, keynote speaker, YouTuber, visual artist, and martial artist.

When I’m not on the road you can find me at home in the mountains of North Carolina with my wife & our daughter.

I started this online academy to share as much of my knowledge & experience as I can with as many people as I can reach.

These are the exact frameworks & strategies that corporations pay big money for. You’d never get to see them unless you happened to be on the team that brought me in, so now these “secrets” are yours for the taking.

Courses Designed For:

Content Creators

Do you make content for a living? Thinking about it? Then these courses are for you. Discover how to level up your entrepreneurial journey by making higher quality content for a raving fanbase.

Business Owners

Most of your business problems are personal issues & mental roadblocks wearing a suit. Learn how to transform your financial & personal life forever.


Want to level up your sales team? Need to get more out of your next trade show? Are you systems not converting like they should? We should talk. Reach out for details.

Think Like A Mind Reader

This is the video course complement to the book that started it all. Join the thousands of people who have changed their lives by making a few changes here & there.

Perfect Recall

This is one of the fastest & most effective courses that you’ll ever take in your life. You’ll never see such obvious proof that your mind is capable of so much more than you could ever imagine.

Close Any Sale

Sales is the number one skill that content creators, entrepreneurs, and corporations need to sharpen. The fastest way to help more people is to have more resources to make it happen. That all starts in the sales process.